Albion Online ‚s Item Progression

There is currently 8 tiers in the game
Higher tier items are usually 20-30% stronger than the items in the tier below
To find highest tier ressources, you will have to venture deeper and deeper into the open world PvP zones
Items generally get repeated across tiers, So if there is a T3 broadsword, there is likely going to be a better T4 broadsword that is quite similar
Higher tier versions of the same item do sometimes get extra abilities for you to choose from

There is currently 3 rarity levels for items. Common, Uncommon, Rare
Uncommon and Rare items are not a better version of a corresponding normal item, but they are a totally different item. While the broadsword is a normal item, the 2h sword is an uncommon one and will be significantly different in terms of stats and abilities.
Each rarity level increases the overall power of the item by 20-30%. So you could say that a T6 common item is about as strong as a T5 uncommon item

When crafting an item, there is a chance to a get a higher quality level. A higher quality level means that the base stats of the item, are higher than usual, but the item itself is exactly the same. For example, a “masterpiece” T4 broad sword will do more damage than a standard quality T4 broad sword.

Cost vs Power
The power of an item increases by around 20-30% per tier/rarity level
The cost of an item increases by a much bigger factor.
One reason for this is that we want to have an interesting risk vs reward curve, i.e. we want players to actively decide whether they bring their best and most expensive gear with them (at a higher risk) or whether they use lower quality gear instead and reserve their best gear for special situations
Another reason is that it helps to balance the game by giving less advanced players a fighting chance against more advanced players
Currently (February 2015), silver cost for items (crafting and repair) increases by a factor of 3 per tier/rarity level. We will carefully evaluate after this alpha test whether that factor needs to be adjusted (or, whether we leave it as is but adjust silver spawn rates)

Cost of use
If you use your Albion Online Silver, they will lose some durability
Per tier, the durability currently increases by a factor of 2. As the item cost increases by a factor of 3, the cost of use essentially increases by a facor of 1.5 per tier. I.e. if you fight mobs in T4 gear, you will need 50% more silver to repair than if you fight mobs in T3 gear
To compensate that, mobs currently drop 1.5 times more silver per tier, too
So in theory, the proportion of silver income used for repairs when farming T3 mobs with T3 gear should be the same as when farming T4 mobs with T4 gear
Having said that, based on qualitative feedback received from players, we are currently not sure how well this works out in practice. We can promise you to carefully look into this and make the required adjustments.

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Albion Online Death Mechanic

# New Death Mechanic

The first thing we want to showcase is an overhaul of the mechanics how your character gets killed in the game. At the moment, you either get knocked down – or killed instantly, depending on the zone you are in and the adversaries you face. Being killed instantly can lead to problems in group play: if one character is killed and respawns in a city, the rest of the group will have an even harder time continuing with what they’re currently doing, or maybe even force them to return home.

So, instead of being killed the moment you are running out of hit points, your character will first get knocked down. When you‘re knocked down, you cannot actively do anything – except enjoy the all new knockdown visuals. Your hit points regenerate, very slowly, mind you, and you wait for things to come. If your group is victorious, they can come over and get you back on your feet with a resurrection spell. You can also get back up, if your hit points regenerate to a point where you are back to full health.

If your group loses, however, you can expect your attacker to come back and finish you off. Of course, not all mobs take an interest in actually killing you – they are satisfied with knocking you out. And other players… well, who knows what other players will do? Suffice it to say that, if you are knocked down by an enemy player, it will take you longer to get back up than if you were knocked down by a mob; so they have plenty of time to decide what to do with you.

This change should make particularly group PvE content more interesting, as the first death of somebody does not disrupt the entire group. For our PvP players, it adds another strategic element: do I finish this guy off now, or do I keep chasing the rest of his group? Can I maybe sneak in a resurrection for this fallen comrade?

# Repairs on the Go

A new item will find its way into the game with the Cador update, called the Repair Kit. It is a piece of furniture, coming in Tiers 4 to 8, that you can place in the world and use as a mobile repair station for gear that’s of the same Tier as the Repair Kit. Meaning: to repair Tier 8 gear, you need a Tier 8 Repair Kit. Other actions, such as salvaging or reforging, are not available at this mobile repairing station.

The convenience of having this station available practically everywhere of course comes with a few downsides. First of all, repairing at a Repair Kit will cost you more than at a full-fledged repair station. Additionally, the Kit has a limited lifetime – its durability decreases while it is placed. So be quick about your repairing business.

# Fame and Loot Bonus Depending on the Zone

A few weeks ago, we implemented a change, after which mobs that are at least Tier 4 will still let you progress, albeit slowly, on higher Tier unlocks. So theoretically, you can now happily stay in the Green Zones and still reach the highest Tiers of progression. Well, eventually, anyways.

Albion Online is built around the balance of risk versus reward. If you take larger risks, say, travel to the more dangerous zones, you should be rewarded for it. The reward in this case being more fame and loot given out for mob kills. Yellow zones and yellow zone Hellgates will give a bonus of 50% on all fame gains and loot drops. Red and black zones, as well as the respective Hellgates yield a 100% fame and loot bonus. To make this bonus more visible, we have also changed the way loot and fame gain is displayed. You now get the total value first, and in parentheses a detailed view on which bonuses are active.

These changes give players an incentive to venture into the more dangerous areas of Albion and roam there. And maybe you need Cheap Albion Gold, if you want a better gaming experience.

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Albion Online – The New Learning Points System

I think is good idea if you want to buy Cheap Albion Gold. Because you will has a good experience. And then as you know with Darian we made a change to the Learning Points system.

- Our System is now very similar to EVE (when you are having an active subscription/premium you are generating LPs even when you are offline).

- However we made two major additions
Someone who is actively playing progresses faster than someone who is not
When you are out of LPs you can still progress by accumulating fame

- Right neither the fame nor the LP progression are balanced, this will be very important.

A potential argument against that system is that everyone can easily have alts with whom they craft their gear. See below why this does not convince me yet of being a problem:

- As mentioned above it is a matter of balancing

Lets say if you are actively playing a crafter it takes you 3 month to reach the maximum (random number) of one node (Leather Helmet) and if you are not playing actively it would take you 12 months, I think one can fairly say that there is not an issue. To find the sweetspot here will be our task over the next months till release.

- Also keep in mind that you need several pieces for your equipment not only a helmet or a weapon
- Even more important: A key element of Crafting is obtaining the required resources, either by gathering them yourself or making good deals on the AH

Someone is asking to remove the characters per account (also because there is the risk of one account having alts who are supplying your main with gear)

- We had this in the past and added more characters per account due to the demand from the community
- People would create just a 2nd or 3rd account anyway. Something hardcore players will probably do anyway
- Right now the best strategy is also to put all LPs into one “tree”, therefore you may want to have different characters anyway

IMPORTANT: We have in the past made several changes when we did see things not going as planned. And we would like to get some data first. Hope that makes sense and we are especially looking for a lot of constructive feedback in terms of numbers and values for these systems, that will help the more than just saying “the system sucks”.

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How to Make Albion Online Quickstart ?

This guide will rush you through the low level area and get you rolling ASAP.

It is intended for those who have done this 5+ times already or for those who look for some guidance to optimize their start.


You log in with your character for the first time ever. You are in the starting zone. You have nothing but your undies.

Do not unpack your founder’s gear or mounts! You do not need them now! Depending on where you start, you may want to take a boat to meet up with your friends. But then it might be too expensive if you unpacked any founders gear!

Your first goal is: Unlock the T2 trees of the destiny board.

- look at your “destiny board quests” (bottom of the screen)
- (important!) do those quests step by step now until destiny board branches out!
- (best area to do this is the starter zone)
- don’t leave the zone yet
- those quests are:
* gather 3 ‘Rough Logs’ (T1), but let’s actually gather 25 logs total because you need them for other quests later!
* gather 3 ‘Rough Stone’ (T1), but let’s actually gather 21 stone total, because you need them for other quests later!
* walk to the Workbench and prepare to craft stuff
* Before you craft anything, TURN OFF CRAFTING FOCUS (click the workbench and turn off the orange hammer & saw icon next to the red ‘Craft’ icon). This returns materials on crafting, and you want to save this focus for higher tier things. If you do not turn it off, you will burn through all your crafting focus on Tier 1 items!
* craft 1 ‘Beginners Skinning Knife’ with the Stone & Lumber you gathered earlier (needs 3 each).
* Kill 1 Rabbit
* Gather 8 Rabbit Hide, but let’s actually gather 18 hide total, because you need them later!
* walk back to the Workbench and:
* craft 1 Medium Beginners Leather Armor (Chestpiece) (pick move speed passive)
* craft 1 Beginners Broadsword with the Stone & Lumber you gathered earlier (needs 6 each)
* craft 1 Beginner’s Pickaxe with the Stone & Lumber you gathered earlier (needs 3 each)

- DING DING DING, you unlocked the T2 nodes of the destiny board, but wait – let’s prepare the rest of the stuff we need before we leave!

- craft 1 ‘Beginners Shield’ with the Lumber you gathered earlier (4 logs).
- craft 1 ‘Medium Beginners Leather Hood’ with the Hide you gathered earlier. (4 hide) (pick move speed).
- craft 1 ‘Medium Beginner’s Leather Shoes’ with the Hide you gathered earlier. (4 hide) (pick move speed).
- craft 1 ‘Beginners Axe’ with the Stone & Lumber you gathered earlier (needs 3 each).
- craft 1 ‘Beginners Stone Hammer’ with the Stone & Lumber you gathered earlier (needs 3 each).
- craft 1 ‘Beginner’s Sickle’ with the Stone & Lumber you gathered earlier (needs 3 each).
- You are ready to leave the starter zone now!
- Quick checklist of the things you should have in your inventory before you move to the next zone:
* T1 sword
* T1 shield
* T1 leather armor (head,chest,boots)
* T1 pickaxe
* T1 wood axe
* T1 skinning knife
* T1 stone hammer
* T1 sickle

- make sure your destiny board quests (from above) are completed!

- Go to the next zone nao!

You just left the starting zone, you have your super basic T1 stuff and you just entered one of the T3 starter towns on the edges of the world.

Your goal is now: Gather T2 materials & kill easy mobs to unlock T3 crafting & item usage.

We will ignore low tier farming & alchemy unlocks in this tutorial, because you need your private island to do that, which will happen way later in the game.

You will straight up do nothing in the T3 starter-town and (after you teleport to the zone you need to be in, if you need to be in a different one) go harvest all the resources at once to advance to T3 unlocks straight away.

So yeah, ignore people running about in the T3 town and leave through one of the exits to the next zone.

The following step only applies if you want to teleport to a different T3 starter town.

If you do not need to do that – or in case you don’t know or don’t care where you go afterwards , skip this next (blue) section.

- If you are outside the T3 starter town, look on the minimap for an area where you can find Heretics, they drop silver and that is what you are after!
- Find one heretic, snipe him (don’t worry if you aggro two), kill him, loot him (you should have looted 10 silver or more), leave straight back to the T3 starter town you came from.
- Go to the Ship Captain and take the boat to the starter town you want to go to. It should cost you 10 silver.
- Leave through one of the exits of the T3 starter town again.

Unpack your founder’s horse now if you have one, it will speed things up & allow you to move things.

Your goal is to gather a big chunk, maybe even all of the resources at once that you need to advance towards T3.

To do anything useful, you need to make yourself T2 tools first. So our first objective is to go out and gather enough resources so we can make ourselves a set of T2 tools.

We want to harvest enough T2 wood and T2 ore so we can make ourselves one of each tool. One T2 tool is 9 Birch Planks and 3 Copper Bars to make, so we need a total of:
- 45 Birch Logs
- 15 Copper Ore

After you have collected those resources, go back to the T3 starter town, refine your gathered resources and then craft yourself the tools listed below.

You will not be able to use them yet, because you need to unlock your ‘Trainee Gatherer’ node on the destiny board first.

Don’t worry, you can just carry them around with you and use them after you gathered enough T2. Just do not throw away your T1 Beginners Tools yet!

Craft the following T2 tools for yourself at the Toolmaker:

- 1 T2 Stone Hammer: 9 Wood Plank (T2), 3 Metal Bar (T2)
- 1 T2 Wood Axe: 9 Wood Plank (T2), 3 Metal Bar (T2)
- 1 T2 Skinning Knife: 9 Wood Plank (T2), 3 Metal Bar (T2)
- 1 T2 Sickle: 9 Wood Plank (T2), 3 Metal Bar (T2)
- 1 T2 Pickaxe: 9 Wood Plank (T2), 3 Metal Bar (T2)

After you crafted your tools, leave the city again and go look for more resources.

Your next goal: Gather enough resources to make yourself one of each weapon type and one of each armor type, so you can use them later to unlock T3 items for use.

We want to craft ourselves the following things, because we will need them later:

- 1 T2 Bag: 12 Stiff Leather (T2), 12 Simple Cloth (T2)
- 1 T2 Cape: 4 Stiff Leather (T2), 4 Simple Cloth (T2)

Warriors Forge:
- 1 T2 Sword: 16 Copper Bar (T2), 8 Stiff Leather (T2)
- 1 T2 Shield: 4 Copper Bar (T2)
- 1 T2 Heavy Novice’s Plate Armor (Chest): 16 Copper Bar (T2)
- 1 T2 Heavy Novice’s Plate Helmet (Head): 8 Copper Bar (T2)

Hunters Lodge:
- 1 T2 Novice’s Bow: 32 Birch Planks (T2)
- 1 T2 Medium Novice Leather Armor: 16 Stiff Leather (T2)
- 1 T2 Medium Novice’s Leather Shoes: 8 Stiff Leather (T2)

Mage Tower:
- 1 T2 Novice’s Fire Staff: 16 Birch Planks (T2), 8 Copper Bar (T2)
- 1 T2 Light Novice’s Robe: 16 Simple Cloth (T2)

This amounts to a total amount of:
- 48 Stiff Leather
- 52 Copper Ore
- 48 Birch Logs
- 32 Cotton

So you leave the starter town again and harvest the resources listed above. If you harvest more resources than the amounts listed, you can keep those resources if you want to use them for crafting later. But the amounts listed above are the minimum of each resource you need to gather to make all your armors and weapons at once that you need to unlock all T3 items for use.

After you have the above resources or more in your inventory, go back to your T3 starter town and refine them.

Craft yourself the following things now (all T2):

- Bag
- Cape
- Sword
- Shield
- Plate Armor
- Plate Helmet
- Bow
- Leather Armor (move speed passive)
- Leather Shoes (move speed passive)
- Fire Staff
- Cloth Armor

Now it its the time that you will slowly have to use your own brain to figure out what you want to do do next.

If you want to get to farming silver ASAP, make sure you have the above things in your inventory and go straight towards farming mobs. Look for Heretics and green-zone dungeons. You can easily solo them with your new gear. You are making phat stacks of $$ now!

Kill anything that gives you fame. Repeat until you unlock the T3 weapon node, continue until you unlock the T3 armor node of the armor you are currently wearing. After you unlock the node of the weapon or armor you are currently using, swap out your weapon or armor and continue to farm mobs. Do this until you can use all T3 weapons and T3 armors!

Goal reached: unlock all T3 weapons & armor (grats!)

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[ Video ] Albion Online Heretics introduction

This is Albion Online’s Heretics introduction. Albion Online’s Heretics live in mines in order to evade „the ancient keepers of Albion.” Within these mines, they dig for „precious resources” that are used to create „shoddy defenses.” There are a variety of Heretic units, ranging from miners to mortars. Two types of leader—the Overseer and the Butcher—stand to pose an even bigger threat.

You can learn more about the Heretics in the video below. In case you were wondering why you don’t know what the aforementioned „ancient keepers of Albion” are, they will supposedly be covered in the next video.

And more news and guides in

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Stories of the Albion Online Steppes!

There are the latest more news in

Just published: This week, the level designers were again hard at work on the steppe biome. Not only do they craft little stories for them, but they also create stunningly beautiful or dismal places like the Oasis and the Animal Graveyard you can see in this roundup. In last week’s roundup, we teased that dual swords are coming to Albion soon. For this week, we have an additional animation of the dual swords in action in store for you. You can expect both, the steppe biome, as well as the dual swords, in the final Beta this summer!

Dual Swords: Spin Attack

The new Dual Swords are starting to take shape, with new attacks being animated. Here you can see the Spin Attack:

Stories of the Steppes

Want to see more of the steppes after our first look at the biome last Tuesday? Here are more stories from the wastelands!

- Animal Graveyard

“Animals have been coming here for ages, to rest their bones here” Level Designer Denis Armand comments on this morbid scene. “Nobody knows why.”

- Deadly Cliff

Judging by the bones and debris, terrible things happened at this cliff. Be careful!

- Oasis

A gulf of fresh air and water in a desolated region. The oasis is brand new; animals have not yet found their way to it yet, but will surely be flocking the scene soon!

- Midnight Snack

Art Director Marcus Koch found out the hard way not to wander around the steppes all by himself, as he became a delicious midnight snack for a pack of vicious Sabertooth! These animals will be part of the unique fauna of the steppes, and you will not see them in any other biome. More info on the unique mobs per biome will follow in the future!

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Guide to Make Money from Auction House in Albion Online

Lesson One: Mounts

As soon as the game officially release, there’s going to be some commodities that everyone is going to be looking for. The first one should be mounts. Every player need mount since it’s an important factor in Albion gathering system. It helps player carry more items as well as increasing the travelling speed.
In the current beta testing, an ordinary horse is being sold on Auction House for at least 6,000 Silver. And the amount can be even higher when after the official launch considering that there’s going to be much more demand than the current beta stage.
That’s lesson number one. If you want to make this your priority on making Albion silver, then you can go ahead and learn how to make mounts and go from there.

Lesson Two: Tier 3-4 Gear

Tier three, tier four armor, and tier four weapon are going to be the second things you should aim for if you are planning to make money through Auction House. These items are a must-have for all players, especially in an early game.
It really depends on what you want to do for yourself and your character’s build, but essentially everyone should be able to make their own tier for armor. And if you really want to capitalize on that, you could sell it on the market.
To increase the money we can make from selling weapon and armor, it’s a good idea to only focus on popular gear. At present, plate armor is the most popular armor among players. But this might be changed when the game is officially released.

Lesson Three: Market

Remember that Auction House in Albion Online isn’t globally linked. This is why it’s essential to choose locations. There are three recommended places from our guide you should sell your items on the Auction House.
Smuggler’s Bay is going to be the market in Albion when the game comes out. A lot of people will be here making the trading market to be very busy. It is a good idea to travel and settle here as soon as the game is released.
The second and third locations are Freeport and Buccaneers Haven. These places are located in a very good location that will attract numerous numbers of players.

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Albion Online | Six different Lores Profile

Albion Online official site unveils the background to the world of Albion, including six different lores in this game. If you want to know more about the lore of Albion Online, please stay tuned for the first novel of this game. And please stay tuned for

Royal Expeditionary

Sent from the Old World to the coasts of Albion to exploit its resources, the Royals now serve as a place of refuge for newcomers in Albion. Not out of charity, of course, but to fill the King’s coffers in the Old World.

Disciples of Morgana

Once an immensely powerful sorceress, Morgana diminished after a cataclysmic battle with Merlin at the end of the Great War. However, her devoted Disciples walk the earth still, bearing her standard in the name of evil, devastation… and revenge.

The Heretics

The Heretics were corrupted heavily by the magical fallout from the Great War, and are now barely recognizable as their former selves. Crazed, they roam the world of Albion with no purpose but indiscriminate murder. Show them no mercy!

Keepers of Albion

Deep in the forests dwell Albion’s oldest denizens, its Keepers. The native inhabitants of Albion Online Gold channel its dangerous magical power from the nature around them, and are remnants of a forgotten era of peace. They will fight fiercely for their home!

The Undead

The fallen of Albion rarely stay dead for long… Skeletal forms of restless spirits roam in the dark, cavernous recesses of the crypts and dungeons under the earth, preying on unwitting adventurers. These husks know no mercy, and should be shown none!

Demons of Hell

From hideous, fiery nightmares comes an entirely new threat to the world of Albion: The Demons of Hell. For now, their presence is felt only dimly as they try to force their way through gates between this world and theirs, but their will to crossover is unwavering.

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Albion Online | Darian improvements


Darian is the last content update throughout this phase of Beta. The team is now working in full force on preparing the next phase of beta on which you can expect more details soon. Here are fixes the Darian did.

Fixed many model/skinning/rigging issues.

Royal equipment should now be correctly treated as its non-Royal equivalent in all cases on the Destiny Board.

Fixed some weird issues with kills/knockdowns caused by reflected damage.

Fixed an issue where rare resources would not stack correctly on harvest when the player’s inventory was full.

Fixed an issue where the Well of Life spell would not forget players who had left its area for the purposes of maximum players healed per tick.

Fixed an issue where knockback abilities were not correctly calculating the distance for the tooltip.

Fixed an issue where T8 Sapphires were not set up correctly for transmutation.

Fixed various text/localisation issues.

Fixed some audio issues.

Fixed an issue where a player would continue to attempt to auto-attack another player after doing so is no longer a valid action (eg end of duel), resulting in unintended following behavior.

Fixed an issue with castle guards being unaffected by spells under certain conditions.

Fixed some issues with T6 Doomed Necromancer boss’s portals.

Fixed an issue with some Mage Towers still not having a favorite food set.

Fixed some issues with the interactions between two-handed weapons and off-hand items.

Fixed a large number of level design issues.

Fixed some issues with combat log/overhead display of silver looting, particularly relating to premium status.

Fixed an issue where a knocked down character would attempt to re-execute their last action on getting up.

Removed durability from journals.

Fixed some issues relating to weapons disappearing when looting/gathering.

Fixed a number of abuse cases relating to invites:

- Duel invites are automatically declined if the target is in combat or in a GvG match.
- Guild invites are automatically declined if the target is in a GvG match.
- Party invites are automatically declined if the target is in a duel, or if the target is in a

GvG match and target and inviter aren’t both in the same match and on the same team.

Fixed an issue where swapping to another item with the same spell would not interrupt casting.

Fixed an issue where it was possible to gain kill points in a GvG match by killing mobs or players not on the opposing team.

Fixed an issue where you could get stuck when knocked into a barrier in a GvG fight.

Fixed an issue where setting “all users” as co-owners of something would not extend management rights correctly to all players.

Fixed an issue where the “pay” window for repair kits was not closing automatically when it should.

Fixed an issue where grown farm animals were not counted when calculating fast travel costs.

Fixed some cases where blinking/teleporting across a spell area would apply that spell’s effect to you.

Fixed some issues with access controls on Guild islands; the Guild Leader is now correctly the only owner by default, and co-owners can be properly added by the Leader.

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Playing The Albion Game On a Tablet

The devs are testing the game on a few select tablets to ensure the game runs smoothly, and a lot of people have tried playing the game on a tablet, so why not compile a list so everyone can see the models that are good for AO?

Below are ideas by the game players.

1. My suggestion is using a template like this:

# Brand: Samsung
Make/Model: Galaxy Tab 3
OS Version: Android 4
Runs the game without issues? Nope
Observations: Can play well enough in my island, but crash every time I enter s city or a heavily populated area.

2. Here is my feedback:

# Asus
Brand: Asus
Make/Model: Nexus 7, second edition
OS Version: Android 5.1.1
Runs the game without issues? Had issues
Observations: Loading the game and loading zones took forever, up to 5 minutes. Sometimes while loading a zone, the screen would go black and the game stopped working. Played fine once game was loaded.

# Samsung
Brand: Samsung
Make/Model: Galaxy Tab 3
OS Version: Android 4
Runs the game without issues? Nope
Observations: Can play well enough in my island, but crash every time I enter s city or a heavily populated area.

3. My suggestion is using a template like this:

# Brand: Samsung
Make/Model: Galaxy Tab 3
OS Version: Android 4
Runs the game without issues? Nope
Observations: Can play well enough in my island, but crash every time I enter s city or a heavily populated area.

4. System Requirements

# Windows:
Windows XP, Vista, 7 or 8
Intel/AMD CPU with SSE2
Graphics card with Shader Model 2.0 support or better
2 GB RAM or more

# OSX:
Mac OS X 10.7 or higher
Intel/AMD CPU with SSE2
Graphics card with Shader Model 2.0 support or better
2 GB RAM or more

# Linux:
Ubuntu 10.10 64bit or higher or SteamOS (other distributions do work, but are not officially supported)
Intel/AMD CPU with SSE2
Graphics card with Shader Model 2.0 support or better
2 GB RAM or more

# Android:
Android 2.3.1 or higher
Tablet with 7″ screen
ARMv7 (Cortex) or Atom CPU
OpenGL ES 2.0 support or higher
2 GB RAM or more

iOS 8.0 or higher
iPad Air 2 or better
What’s your opinion anout this?

Do you want to learn? Click UPAlbion

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